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"Financiers, politicians, thinkers who have been changing the world – that’s Prague Twenty."
Prague Twenty (P20) is a non-profit organization founded in 2009, 20 years after the fall of communism in Central and Eastern Europe. Its core activity is the organization of conferences, lectures and other educational events in the field of politics, social sciences and culture, with the participation of leading foreign and national experts. The selection of conference topics mainly traces open issues in the development of Czech society, but also deals with the future development of the European Union, international politics and other critical social issues, relevant namely for Central and Eastern Europe.



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About P20
"Notable figures from all over the world take part in Prague Twenty’s seminars and conferences. Their views are confronted with Czech or "Central European" insights. We believe that by doing so we can improve our domestic intellectual debate, and consequently pave the way for future steps taken in the fields of economy and politics."
"Prague Twenty is a think-tank that may fit the role of being a broadly-oriented opinion platform. It brings qualified as well as novel insights on important issues, often trying to shed light on them from completely different angles or antagonistic sides."
"Since its very founding, Prague Twenty has aspired to introduce top international experts to a Czech discussion platform. By doing so, it has provided Czech professionals with a direct confrontation with intellectual trends of the colorful and challenging global environment."
"I appreciate the organization Prague Twenty very much, for it deals with really important topics. We only have very few platforms where such distinguished experts have lectured, and where usually an inspiring top-level debate evolves. Frankly, a few times already I have found myself listening to these wise and enriching lectures."
"A large turnout at the Prague Twenty’s seminars, as well as positive reports in the media reflect the fact that the new think-tank has filled an empty niche in the market. It takes into account the newest intellectual trends and is able to introduce them to the Czech general public."
"The think-tank Prague Twenty represents an almost unique platform in the Czech Republic. It covers a very broad range of topics which were discussed without any ideological preconceptions, which usually makes discussion less valuable."

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Střední a východní Evropa po krizi / Central and Eastern Europe after the Crisis

Jaká bude Střední a východní Evropa po krizi? Sborník ke stejnojmenné konferenci Prague Twenty obsahuje odpovědi prezidenta České republiky Václava Klause a Jacoba Frenkela, předsedy JPMorgan International. Nechybí záznam zajímavé diskuse. / What is the impact the financial crisis has had on the region of Central and Eastern Europe? The Prague Twenty conference proceedings contain views from Mr. Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, and Mr. Jacob Frenkel, Chairman of JPMorgan International. The publication also contains the seminar’s discussion.

Euro – skutečný test teprve před námi? / Euro: Is the Real Test Only Ahead?

Projde jednotná měna zátěžovým testem v podobě dluhové krize? Pokud ano, jaká je její další budoucnost? Odpovědi hledají Martin Feldstein, profesor z Harvardu a „europesimista“, Otmar Issing, někdejší člen bankovní rady Evropské centrální banky a „eurooptimista“, a Zdeněk Tůma, exguvernér České národní banky. Nechybí záznam diskuse. / Will the single currency be able to uphold its position in its probably biggest test in the form of the debt crisis? If so, what is its future going to be like? Mr. Martin Feldstein an euro-pessimistic professor from Harvard, Mr. Otmar Issing an euro-optimist and former Board member at the European Central Bank, and Mr. Zdeněk Tůma a former governor of the Czech National Bank attempt to find the answers. The publication also contains the seminar’s discussion.